Alliances and our technology logistics partners are trusted providers of strategic services and decision making information for background screening firms since 1995.

Our proven technology infrastructure is HR-XML Consortium certified and sets the foundation for risk mitigation, employment and tenant screening services. We are a Woman, Minority, & Veteran Owned firm and together we have formed an Alliance to supply your needs for ensuring that you hire or retain the best leaders and employees for your organization.

Other Alliances include:

Global Investigations Inc. provides insurance carriers, self insured corporations, third party administrators and insurance defense law firms peace of mind through qualitative investigative research. Global Investigations Inc. is certified minority company. We have been members of GMSDC for 4 years and currently serves on the Executive Board for Professional Service Committee. Our Investigators are trained in the art of negotiation, surveillance techniques, fraud awareness, consulting, and covert operation. Global Investigations Inc. has 19 years of Private Investigation experience. We started in Baton Rouge, LA and since expanded our region to cover GA, FL, LA, MI, SD, WY, CO, ID, AR, OK, MS & AL.

Ask us about our Distributor Service:

Who could be a Distributor?

  • An individual or entity that resells services can include:
  • Associations
  • Franchises of your business
  • Vertical Partners
  • Small Employment Screening companies
  • Independent Sales Commission


The Best of Professionals is a Women Owned, Certified Minority and Veteran Owned entity that aspires to provide our clients with easy access to quality employment services.

We understand that each client faces unique challenges when dealing with a shortage of qualified workers. In response, we have established an national collaboration of research data banks to query criminal records and various background screening services.


“ I've had the opportunity to work with Vaughn on a few HR related projects in the field. Vaughn brought a fresh perspective to the team and was eager to jump in and contribute. Vaughn took the initiative to reach out and serve as a mentor to many of our associates. His approach was sincere, and he always made himself available to support and guide others, based on his own career experiences. November 17, 2009“
Karen Wheeler (Manager: Professional Staffing at UTi Integrated Logistics)